The Road to Boston: Day 1.

It’s been about three hours since LeBron James announced his intention to leave Cleveland and go to Los Angeles. He’s going to be in Los Angeles for the next several years. I will be hopeful to be in Boston, April 15th, 2019. But before I can even consider being there, I have officially entered in the Erie Marathon in September.


Since being in this area and having the opportunity to work with the patients I have had the pleasure of working with and working with the young athletes I’ve been working with it’s has been providing me with goals I never thought I’d really have. I am on the journey to complete 50 half-marathons and 50 full-marathons in 50 states, I want to run 7 half-marathons and 7 full-marathons on each continent, and I want to run the Big 6 Marathons.


Day 1 had at 6 miles. Throughout the training, I’m going to prioritize quality runs and training days. I want to build my days around the workouts and lifts and have at probably only one, “long day.” I’m building my program around the Hanson Running Team. What’s different about my training is that I’ll be utilizing my “cross-training” different from what has been probably used. I’ll still deadlift, squat, row, and lunge (heavy). It’s been a common tendency for runners to avoid lifting heavy (which I believe is a mistake).


It’s a true statement that everyone will always give their thoughts on what the best way to train is:

  • Tempo Runs
  • You need a lot of mileage
  • You need multiple long runs
  • Workout days are most important

I’m still going to keep my running streak going and I am going to be utilizing a lot of different recovery tools and standards to make sure I can be as prepared as possible. So here we go.


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