The Road to Boston: Week 2 Recap

Week two was off to a great start. I felt really good in the first part of the week. But the realization I needed to invest more time this week into studying for finals, shifted my focus into needing to study more and just not getting up early enough to get more mileage in. But I felt much faster this week, which is to say it was better than last week.

Sunday: 5K Run.


Monday: 8 Miler.


Tuesday: 5K Run + Bodyweight lifts

5 Rounds of 15 Repetitions:

Single Leg RDLs
Split Squats
Lateral Lunges
Inverted Ring Rows

Wednesday: Run + Squat Day.

Thursday: 5K Run. I pushed the pace on this 5K. I was able to get sub 7:00 for all three miles. I had the intentions of getting two runs but work ran late and didn’t get a chance.

Friday: 5K Run.


Saturday: 1 Mile Run. It had to be a really short today. With big exams tomorrow and a mild quadriceps irritation from yesterday’s run, it was best to keep it short just to move around, keep the streak, and get some recovery!

With not really many weeks left until the marathon. I know this week is going to be important into getting more workouts (1K repeats), some more mileage (at least two days of 10 mile runs), and some more lifting days (deadlifts). But each training program is different and there are many ways to attempt to get to Boston.

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