The Road to Boston: Week 5 Recap

And with Week 5 in the books. Overall it was a step in the right direction. With only one month left until the Erie marathon and my attempt to qualify for Boston 2019, I’m starting to figure out how I want to go about handling what I want to do during the race and my race “strategy.”

Also through my name in the lottery for the Tokyo Marathon in 2019, one of the “Big 6” Marathons. So hope I get into that!


Sunday (7.29)

Trail run….it was hot and humid and the hills were tough. My legs felt shot and it was embarrassing. But I can blame the gradual incline right? A change-up from running on the trail or a treadmill was nice.


Monday (7.30)

I love the Pegasus Turbo. But at $180 a pop, it’s an expensive training shoe for a novice runner. But boy are they great!

IMG_6522 2

Tuesday (7.31)

A really short run to keep my running streak and spent of time in the weight room. With a combination of squats, step-ups, single leg deadlifts and calf raises I liked being able to supplement a long run or hill runs with being in the weight room.

Wednesday (8.1)

Long run and extra mileage. It was a slightly slower day at the office and with running a mobility clinic until really late in the evening I had to take the advantage of time and get longer mileage in. All the mileage was nice and it was even better was that I was sub 7:25/mile for all 12 miles which felt really good.

Thursday (8.2)

Bodyweight workout:
Single Leg Squats: 8 rounds – 6 sets
Single Leg Hip Thrusters: 8 rounds – 6 sets
Single Leg RDLs: 8 rounds – 6 sets
Rocking Planks: 8 rounds 30 seconds


Friday (8.3)

It just wasn’t an effective day. Did just enough to keep my running streak alive. With a 16 hour day of work there just wasn’t time to get a sufficient workout in.

Saturday (8.4)

I did a modified tempo run. I felt strong. I know it’s only 6 miles but with the time crunch I felt good. It was a great way to end the week.

10 minutes @ 7:03/mile
10 minutes @ 6:54/mile
10 minutes @ 6:44/mile
10 minutes @ 6:38/mile


The next two weeks of training are going to be tough from a time crunch stand point. With high school football camp opening up and finals for class starting up, it’s going to test out my ability to manage the schedule. We’ll see what the week has in store.

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