The Road to Boston: Week 6 Recap

So I’ll use the excuse of having this week be a “tempo-based” week and focused more on short distances but pushing the pace on each run. But it starts a short list of reasons why this week’s mileage was reflective on someone who is going from “Couch to 5K” compared to trying to qualify for Boston Marathon 2019. I didn’t have any long run at all.

I want to use one of the following:

  • Football camp opened up this weekend at the high school I coach at.
  • Finals for summer session of PT school is this weekend.
  • Work(ed), two late nights early in the week…
  • Lazy.

With only hitting 18 miles this week, that should have been my long run along with multiple 10 mile days. If there’s anything to takeaway from this week is that I felt good running faster doubles (sub 7:00/mile and as fast as 6:20/mile) and used it as a “recovery” week. That being said the race in Erie is only a few short weeks away and I know I need to be strong with a few weeks to go and not having a traditional training method by any stretch of the imagination.

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