The Road to Boston: Week 9 Recap

I absolutely dropped the ball on my Week 9 Recap, with my Week 10 Recap being posted in a few days….

One week until Erie Marathon! 7 Days. 168 Hours. 10,080 Minutes. We’re down to the last few days of hoping it is not humid. Hoping that the “training” is sufficient to get me through in under 3 hours time.

The common thread for this week – I am aiming for faster times and shorter distances. I want to make sure when I’m done each run that I feel fast so hopefully it translates to running fast.

Sunday (8.26)

It is 5K Sunday with Nike running. 4.33 miles in 30 minutes. The start of the taper with running at a faster pace is the focus of the week.


Monday (8.27)

3 miles and it is all about pace. I’m going “fast” and keeping it short.


Tuesday (8.28)

In my attempt to get a little bit of “mileage” and having some time in my evening to actually get a run in before 9 PM, I just had to take advantage of it!


Wednesday (8.29)

I have found that usually Wednesday are one of the swing days each week. I’m either able to get a long[er] run in or I’m doing it to keep my streak alive. And this Wednesday happen to be a streak keeper.

Thursday (8.30)

Late work day on Thursday and only getting to run around 10PM, it’s a streak keeper on Thursday night.


Friday (8.31)

I had to add some mileage coming off two consecutive “streak keeper” days and very short non-inspiring running days.


Saturday (9.1)

It was a four mile work day in the humidity, it’s not the heat that irritates me but it is the humidity. I’ve come to the realization that the humidity will make or break me in the upcoming race.  Saturday was a humid day when I ran, on my lunch break in class. I had an hour and didn’t want to sit in class sweating for the back half of it so I kept it shorter than what I originally had planned.


What is exciting is that there will be Pacers which is going to be huge for me. Since I don’t usually run with headphones and I still figuring out the what it feels like to run certain paces, the Pacers are going to be my ticket into running a time that hopefully gets me into Boston.

A very late post for my Week 9 Recap and it wasn’t very informative. Week 10 will be much better…

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