Designated to Return: OT Eric Fisher

Kansas City Chiefs offensive tackle, former number one overall pick, Eric Fisher suffered a torn Achilles’ Tendon against the Buffalo Bills in the AFC Championship on Sunday, January 24th. Andy Reid stated after the game that “it doesn’t look too good” and seemingly confirmed by NFL insiders.

The Achilles’ Tendon is dense connective tissue that allow for the attachment of the Gastrocnemius, Soleus, and Plantaris muscles to the Calcaneal tuberosity of the Calcaneus (heel) bone. It allows an individual to create push off or “plantar flexion.”

Photo credit: Bartleby – Gray’s Anatomy

When the Achilles’ tendon ruptures, an audible “pop” may be heard with sudden pain. It has also been described as getting kicked the heel. While many do opt for surgical reattachment of the Achilles’ tendon, there is a non-surgical option one may opt for. But considering Eric Fisher, 30 years old, plays in the NFL, he’s going to opt for surgery.

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While the rehabilitation protocol is determined by the surgeon and team who performs the surgery, most protocols will have return to sport training anywhere between 3-4 and as late as 6 months. While those are just general guidelines, it is completely dependent and individualized to each specific athlete if he is able to return to sport training. Considering 30 years of age is towards the tail end of peak years for some offensive lineman the recovery process could certainly be longer.

He is obviously missing the 2021 Super Bowl LV. But I’d expect him to be available for the 2021-2022 NFL Season.

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