Weekend Sendoff

Weekend Sendoff: November 3rd, 2017 Edition

On Sunday, I’ll be running in my second half-marathon of the season! I’ll be traveling to Princeton, New Jersey to run the HiTops Princeton Half-Marathon. I’m pretty excited, since it will be the third state of my 50 in 50 State Half-marathon bucket list. Here we come, Princeton.

It’s pretty obvious, I’m very new to writing short posts about topics I believe are relevant to what I’m building and how I believe I can continue to help the populations I come across. I hope as I continue to write more, the writing improves, the typos decrease, and the content becomes even better and insightful. One way I’m learning to improve is to continue to read and learn from others. Tim Henriques, a well-known coach, is writing a short series on becoming a better writer. And I’m taking notes.

Compression Garments will always be a hot button topic. Andy Peloquin of BreakingMuscle on the potential of aiding athletes in recovery.

*Yes, I saw this movie on Opening Night. He’s probably my 3rd or 4th favorite Avenger.


Weekend Sendoff: October 27th, 2017 Edition

It’s been one week since I finished the first of five half-marathons. My next is November 5th, in Princeton, New Jersey. This is what I have for you this weekend.

Podcastjust finished: Courtney Dauwalter just won the Moab 240. She finished in 58 hours. That’s insane. Her podcast was a fun listen just to understand her mindset behind running and training. Fun Listen!

Mike Connelly, founder of Rebell Strength and Conditioning, wrote an article on what he learned being in a commercial gym setting before venturing on his own. For me it’s valuable as I eventually prepare to start my own journey of opening what I hope to be a Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, and Performance facility. I’m currently working on trying to get my DPT, just need to get into a school! So let’s keep grinding away at that.

This week’s theme seems to be based on business building, but Dave Asprey, who has built an incredible business, outlined some stuff fellow entrepreneurs, health care providers, and new business owners can use to help them build a strong business. I’m there now. I am trying to build, with patience but also with the mindset let’s build fast and build strong.

Weekend Sendoff: October 20th, 2017 Edition

Officially kicking off the 50 in 50 Bucket List Challenge. It’s my goal to run 50 half marathons and 50 marathons in all 50 States. I have technically completed my first state, Pennsylvania, years ago. I am running in the Baltimore Running Festival this weekend, as a half-marathon. I have done the research, and this race is one of the premier races for Maryland.

Black Panther Trailer: Yes I’m very excited.


I’ll admit, I am generally a sucker for new technological advances in musculoskeletal rehab. Last year, I borrowed Hyperice Raptor to help treat the track and soccer athletes I got to work with during the spring season. A lot of the kids liked it a lot and asked if I was going to get it again to use for this upcoming winter season. I don’t think I will due to the price, but that hasn’t stopped me from looking into other alternatives for the kids. There were two article written, here and here, that highlighted new technologies that may be worth the price point.

Weekend Sendoff: October 13th, 2017 Edition

Happy Friday! I’m only a 8 days until my first half-marathon of the 4th Quarter. I’m running the Baltimore Running Festival . It’ll be the first of 5 I’m doing as apart of my “runner’s” bucket list. Follow the journey!

Fall Reading: Brian MacKenzie is someone I learned about through following Kelly Starrett. He wrote a book that I have used in preparation for my half-marathon training. I don’t necessarily do traditional long runs, speed workouts, and recovery runs. I have implemented weightlifting (olympic, crossfit, some powerlifting) into my training. Dr. MacKenzie’s book has been vital to me to think about training in non-traditional ways and to enhance what it is I like to do (lifting) and incorporate the running program into.

I love Tony Gentilcore‘s work. I admire him from afar (and hopefully meet him someday). He published a great article on his blog about getting results. Because when it comes down to it. It’s what we all want.

Pavel Tsatsouline, father of Kettlebells. The man is just a fountain of knowledge. Love his podcast with Tim Ferriss. He wrote an article are preparing his father become an American record holder in powerlifting. Incredible.

Stack.com organized a quick article about traits and behaviors some of the best athletes in the weightroom have in common. It is relevant to me, because I’m in a unique space of being around high school athletes at work (because I coach) and around high school athletes that I get to treat at the chiropractic office.

Weekend Sendoff: October 6th, 2017 Edition

In his final post for Runner’s World, Alex Hutchinson wrote a great article about what he’s learned and enjoyed about writing for Sweat Science. I’ve been enjoying his post for the last two years.  Some of his stuff I have implemented in my own training this year.

Thoracic Mobility. I can’t talk about enough, instagram posts can’t show it off enough. I demonstrate with patients only a daily basis but it’s so important. It’s often taught incorrectly or physicians are showing it incorrectly which leads to patients butchering it and not getting the full effects of it. Dean Somerset wrote an article breaking down the quadruped thoracic rotation exercise.

The Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to researchers discovering molecular mechanisms of our circadian rhythm. It’s pretty fascinating with all the books and posts and recent talk about of the importance of getting 8 hours of sleep, rest and recovery. Sleep plays a huge role in that. There’s a gene that controls our circadian rhythm!

Weekend Sendoff: September 29th, 2017 Edition

Sorry about missing last week. Life happened very quickly, but that’s no excuse. Regardless, here’s some viewing and reading material for you this weekend!

Fittest Men and Women, according to Sports Illustrated. I really like these sort of yearly articles. It’s a nice summary and reminder of just how far human anatomy and physiology has come. This list is consists of the 50 Fittest Athletes. With some of the athletes I’ve never heard of, I end up doing a little more digging to testing myself to see if I can even do one of their workouts. Usually doesn’t work out to well.

The Cold Hard Truth: I thought this was a great article written by Dr. Mike Nelson, who was writing a guest post for Dr. John Rusin. I think it’s easy for healthcare providers to say I work with athletes, and many of them will usually lead off with it as a sign that they’re the best (I’m not really sure why – because saying you work with athletes I guess is a sign of status). It’s something I have aspired to before in the past, but you realize athletes don’t pay the bills, nor do they actually need you. So personally, I don’t really care if you like to lead off with “I work with the best runner in the county or I work with a lot of elite runners.” Congrats, we’re all replaceable to them.

So I’ve started doing Crossfit recently….and the sites I’m using to get my “WODs” are as followed: Crossfit West Chester, Crossfit Invictus, Crossfit Main, and Crossfit Main Line. I recently read an article about how you can go about “crossfitting” prior to actually crossfitting and how you can go about preparing yourself if you do not go to a traditional box or crossfit gym.

Weekend Sendoff: September 22nd, 2017 Edition

Weekend Sendoff: September 15th, 2017 Edition

There’s nothing wrong with change. This article written out of T-nation talks about how you know when you should start adding change to your exercise program. As someone who recently changed from 4 sets of 3 repetitions to a 6×6 training split, it was a nice set of guidelines to help me make the correct changes and to make sure I’m making smart changes.

If there’s something I really enjoy learning about and wish I could get more detail on is Collegiate strength and conditioning programming. Of course you can google it in hopes of getting details. Men’s Health was able to get an inside look at the Florida State Strength and Conditioning program and some of the things that they do. Some of the stuff I would absolutely love to add to the S&C program at Great Valley.

Dr. Ryan DeBell is someone I have been following since I entered student clinic at Palmer College. He has really great insight and a nice spin on chiropractic and the knowledge chiropractors can provide. He did a nice video of moving every joint and it’s a practice I’ve been including into my daily routine. If you don’t have 10 minutes, you don’t have your day under control!

Weekend Sendoff: September 8th, 2017 Edition

Great Article(s) I read this week: This comes from Tony Bonvechio, co-owner of The Strength House and BonvecStrength. He wrote articles, here and here, about deloading. Deloading is a topic not only used for barbell movements but can be applied to many sports and used at different times during a season, depending on the situation. As I continue to prepare for my races and getting the young athletes ready for their football and track seasons, i’ll use a lot of what he has to say about deloading athletes. Looking back on last season, I know I made a few mistakes with a few of the athletes and how I was managing their workload through the season. So reviewing his information will be a great plus!

5 Dumb Stretching Myths: Coming from Dr. John Rusin, a performance physical therapist, his content is something I look at to daily. I learn a lot from his content and his unique take on physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Podcast(s) I listened to this week: Freakonomics did a mini-series on Bad Medicine. It takes you through how Medicine is Science-ish. The first episode looks at mistakes of trial and error, the second episode looks at clinical trials and how they’re run on “dream patients”, and the final episode is about medical error and how it is the third leading cause of death. It was a great listen to how, just because someone says they are scientific and evidenced-based practice, doesn’t necessarily mean their practices are based off a “good science.”

Weekend Sendoff: September 1st, 2017 Edition

For those of you that know me well, you know that I am usually all over the place. I have work, high school coaching, part-time work, trying to go back to school, and community outreach. And a lot of people ask why I do what I do and stack my schedule to the point I really only get a chance to sleep. Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, talked about Ruthless Prioritization. Right now I am sacrificing some stuff for what I see down the road and how I want to be more than “good.”

This article, from STACK, is very timely. I have had the opportunity to see high school athletic facilities and talk to a lot of different high school athletes and talk to them what they’re doing for their injuries before they have seen me. A lot of them are saying they’re doing “RICE.” I usually say that’s fine and then go about doing it all differently because I think that model is broken and does not fit the demands of today’s current athletes.

“The hardest athlete to coach is often the one who’s never struggled. Getting punched in mouth for first time teaches open-mindedness and work ethic” – Eric Cressey from his most recent article.

Weekend Sendoff: August 27th, 2017 Edition

Mayweather or McGregor? That’s the biggest draw in sports this weekend right? Before you hang out and watch the fight take a minute to see what I liked this week.

Hot Take in Youth Sports: Sports specialization is a hot button topic. It’s really widely debated amongst parents, coaches, and trainers. There was a study done through the American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine about if there is a benefit on sport specialization. This study states there doesn’t seem to be an advantage for athletic development with sports specialization. I’m am one for promoting kids try as many sports as possible and play as many sports as possible. If your athlete starts to develop an affinity for a singular sport or has a recognizable talent in one sport, that’s great – and develop and foster that particular set of skills, but also allow them to continue to participate in other sport activities. Just because your kid plays one sport their entire youth development, does not guarantee them any sort of Division 1 scholarship.

A Goal of Mine: Someday I will open up a clinic that will be a hybrid of a sports clinic and a gym. Tony Gentilcore, has been someone I’ve been following and trying to emulate certain aspects of his path. In particular, being yourself and not being fake. He wrote a great article about running his fitness business, which wasn’t what he set out to do right away, but he’s pretty good at it now!

Weekend Sendoff: August 18th, 2017 Edition

In the current clinic I work at, I have a great opportunity to work with a lot runners, of all ages. They range from kids under 10 years of age all the way up to season runners in their 60s and 70s. We talk about all sorts of distances they run from 5Ks to ultra-marathons. I stumbled on this article about the state of running races in America. I will admit I’m fairly new to the racing scene, so it was an interesting article to see the state of running in America. I see runners who do it for a leisure and social aspect but I also see runners who do it competitively and have numerous endorsers behind their name.

Podcast I Enjoyed: I really enjoyed Joe Rogan and Dr. Andy Galpin‘s podcast last week. It was awesome. Full of information that I need to listen to one or two more times to make sure my notes match up with what they’re saying. But if there’s one thing I took away from him and something that’s been echoed by a lot of other health professionals is that you are allowed to answer questions with “It depends.” I don’t believe in always having an answer or always saying “I know what you need.” “This is the only treatment or this is the only exercise for you or you should only be doing this stretch.” Especially in healthcare, you have to be willing to bend and adapt to different situations. Even if you have a great way to treat hamstring strains or you have a go-to series of exercises you use for low back pain, try adapting to the individual you are working with instead of putting them into a system.

Quote to Ponder: “Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response.”

Weekend Sendoff: August 11th, 2017 Edition

Article(s) I Enjoyed: Pete Dupuis writes a lot of content on the business aspect of starting gyms and being in the athletic performance space. He’s part of the team to bring about Cressey Sports Performance, one of the premier training facilities in the States. They work with countless of athletes from young development through the professional ranks, which is something many healthcare providers and trainers aspire too. I know I do. He recently wrote an article based off of a Fast Company article.

Gym Machines I [also] recommend patients to avoid: Dr. John Rusin wrote an article about machines to avoid in the gym. I think there is a place for machines in the gym. Currently, I use them exclusive to finish off a workout after getting through the bulk of the gym. So if I want to top off my chest and back work, for example, I’ll hop on the chest press and the lat pulldown and horizontal row machine, to get gross movement and primary muscle movers involved. But a common thread on the machines you should be avoiding, are “core” exercise machines. There are much better options that don’t require equipment and you can simply do that’s more protective of your back and hips.

Podcast I had to listen to Twice…this week: I listen to Joe Rogan’s Podcast. He’s so interesting. He does stand-up, he does long form interviews, he commentator for UFC, he works with a company I hope to be in association with: Onnit, and in his spare time he’s a serious archer. He sat down with Dom D’Agostino who’s a professor at South Florida, and huge proponent of the Ketogenic Diet. So much information to process and notes to take. Give it a listen!

Weekend Sendoff: August 4th, 2017 Edition

TEDTalk I Enjoyed: Original Thinkers. It was presented by Adam Grant. He talks about the idea of original thinkers and how they are the ones who fail the most. Originals are people who drive creativity and change the world. Before I can change the world, I’m trying to change the mindset of the county and communities I currently live in. I also read his book. Which was also helpful in helping me open up my mind and continue to be less tunnel visioned.

Cold Showers: I have been doing this in the morning every for the last two months. It took me awhile to get use to it. I use to jump right in and then I changed to starting out warm and then making it cold and now I’m back to jumping right in. Chad Waterbury wrote about the benefits of it in a short article. While there are a lot of benefits: one of the best is that it primes me for the start of the day.

One Stretch I [Also] Don’t Like: While Mike Reinold, absolutely has more credibility and a voice than I do in the rehabilitation and sports realm and rightfully so! He wrote a short entry on why he doesn’t like the sleep stretch and it makes me cringe to this day when working with patients who talk about the sleeper stretch they were shown by their physical therapist or their other chiropractor. Please don’t do it! There are better alternatives.

Weekend Sendoff: July 28th, 2017 Edition

T-Nation is a website I check daily if not multiple times a day. Some of my more favorite articles are when they have all the different contributors all give their take on a certain topic. This one was habit Daily Habits of Health Lifters. There are some I do and some I definitely need to improve upon and most notably: Sleep Habits.

Podcast Episode I Enjoyed this Week: Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu and Jason Mayden: Why ADD Is a Superpower. Jason Mayden’s episode was fantastic. A) He worked at a company I would love to work at in some sort of capacity. The Swoosh. B) He is aspiring to really big things, and some of the points he mentioned in the episode allowed to me rethink how go about doing some of the things I have written down and want to complete. He created Super Heroic a website designed creating tactical footwear for children. Take a listen and let me know what you think. You can follow Jason on instagram and twitter.

Quote: “If you don’t make mistakes, you’re not working on hard enough problems. And that’s a big mistake.” – Frank Wilczek, 2004 Nobel Prize winner

Weekend Sendoff: July 21st, 2017 Edition

Runner’s World article I read about running mistakes. I made 21 out of the 37 mistakes on the list! I still probably make a few of them now. It’s a fun read. And with the my current race schedule up to three half-marathons throughout the end of year.

So for many chiropractors if you haven’t already heard the discussion with Joe Rogan and SciBabe about chiropractors…I’m not here to really offer a rebuttal to their thoughts, nor would my opinion probably be warranted. I really enjoy his (Joe Rogan’s) podcasts because he’s a thorough and knowledgeable guy and has had great guests on it. Do I think they did enough research on chiropractic school and chiropractors? Probably not, but with ANY profession you’ll have good and bad experiences but that doesn’t mean you should dismiss any profession based off one sampling. But The Movement Fix podcast (Dr. Ryan DeBell) offered his rebuttal. He is a chiropractor and he publishes a lot of great content. And it is not just adjusting your neck.

Book I started Reading: Zero to One by Peter Thiel. I’m only part way through the book but a few take aways there’s a difference between technology  (0 to 1) and globalization (1 to n). Often times people think they’re being innovate when in actuality they are just globalizing. I’ll give my thoughts once I finish the book.

Weekend Sendoff: July 14th, 2017 Edition

Barefoot Running: Barefoot running continues to get notoriety. And you’re either a huge proponent of it or you’re not. There are a few people in-between. Where I stand on it, if it’s something you want to do ease your way into it and whether you have one day where you run in your “minimalist” or you start out by integrating your “minimalist” into your runs until you’re using it exclusively. It’s an insightful article on the potential of barefoot running and injury prevention.

Cressey Sports Turns 10!: A huge congratulations to Eric Cressey and Pete Dupuis. Cressey Sports Performance has been optimizing baseball and lacrosse athletes for 10 years. They have two locations and I’ve been learning from the two of them for the last 5 years! They each wrote an article on turning 10 and it’s always worth the read any time they each write an article or post a video. Eric Cressey’s Article. Pete Dupuis’ Article.

Quote I’m Pondering: Familiar tracks and traditions are like cliches: They are everywhere, they may sometimes be correct, but often they are justified by nothing except constant repetition. At this moment in your life you know fewer limits, fewer taboos, and fewer fears than you will ever in the future. So do not squander your ignorance. Go out and do what your teachers and parents thought could not be done, and what they never thought of doing.” Peter Thiel, PayPal CoFounder

Weekend Sendoff: July 7th, 2017 Edition

Don’t be set in your ways: While I haven’t been in practice very long and nor would I call myself “experienced” in any of the fields I am trying to get better at. But I do tell myself often and patients often: I hope I’m not doing the exact same thing I’m doing right now 10 years from now. This article by Andrew Sharp chronicles a different approach to way Phil Jackson and the New York Knicks parted ways.

Quote I’m Pondering: What’s the difference between a hero and a coward? There ain’t no difference. Inside they’re both exactly alike. Both scared of dying or getting hurt. But it’s what the hero does the tmakes him a hero. What the other guy doesn’t do that makes him a coward. “Cus” D’Amato, Mike Tyson’s Trainer

Podcast I enjoyed listening to this week: Dr. John Rusin is someone I continually follow since the days I’ve started into chiropractic school. Because with him, I’m always just learning more. I found Therapy Insiders as a recommendation from other blogs and podcasts I’ve read and followed. In this episode they talked about how to move healthcare forward. While it’s focused on how to blend physical therapy and strength training, they do also give chiropractors kudos as well. Since I know they have interviewed and collaborated with a couple chiropractors. It just continues to reinforce my itch to eventually get into physical therapy school.

Weekend HOLIDAY Sendoff: June 30th, 2017 Edition

Sports Science: Sports science has been a popular phrase over the last few years and I think it’s awesome. It’s fascinating and ESPN had a great article with how it’s trying to effective beneficial change in the college sports realm.

Kettlebell Swings: It was brought over by Pavel Tsatsouline. It’s an exercise I see done improperly at local gyms, private gyms, Orange Theory, and some crossfit boxes. Two of the world’s best performance specialist wrote great articles on the Kettlebell Swing. Tony Gentilcore and John Rusin.

Amelia Boone: She is someone I have been following since hearing her interview on The Tim Ferriss Show. I have listened to it over and over because it’s one I just really enjoyed and continued to take away from. She wrote a great article on Racing Happy.

Weekend Sendoff: June 23rd, 2017 Edition

Hamstring injuries can be nagging for any athlete. This was a great read from Lindsay Berra of MLB.com and she talked to Shane Rye of Cressey Sports Performance. Eric Cressey wrote a follow-up to this piece. Its as very insightful. Final point: there’s not one magic treatment to fix it and there’s not one single reason for said injury.

Keeping with the Lower Body theme: Hips! Hips! Hips! If the hips aren’t as mobile as they can be, it can place stress on the knee and on the low back. It’s one of the potentials for having low back pain or knee pain. Mike Reinold released a great series of 6 different hip progressions he uses to keep his clients and athletes mobile. I’ve been using them as ways to help tweak what I’m doing with hip mobility and it’s been great and the patients have responded well to them.

New Training Shoe: The Pegasus 34. I think it’s better than the 32 and 33. I’ve absolutely loved it. I will also be releasing my review of the Pegasus 34 shoe shortly. So be on the look out!

Weekend Sendoff: June 16th, 2017 Edition

Shoulder Pain?: When I’m working with individuals who are dealing with shoulder pain, I look at the shoulder, elbow, thoracic spine, and cervical spine (usually). Sometimes you can have hip issues that can cause shoulder pain, but that’s a different story all together. But when I start to put exercises together for them, I’m usually introducing the Face-pull exercise, in some capacity. Dr. John Rusin recently wrote a great article about how you can progress them! Check it out here

Someone I refer to: I do refer patients as often as I can. Whether it’s because, the client’s needs are out of the scope of practice or because I think I a team approach will get them better faster. Runners you need to read this! Listed below is the acupuncturist I have referred many too.

Manual Therapies: This was a great article I read earlier this week. I know that the last few Stuff I Enjoy Using has been directed to manual therapy modalities. But it’s not the only thing I do. It’s too much of a passive modality. I think it does absolutely help and the merits may never be completely measured or understood through research, but it does help. I happen to agree with what Dr. Doug Kechijian wrote and I hope this article provides further insight to what it is I do as a healthcare provider! Manual therapies for me is a start to treatment, it’s not the answer.

Weekend Sendoff: June 9th, 2017 Edition

As a coach and trainer: I read this great article by John Romano the other day. I thought it was hysterical because it’s something I see a lot at the different gyms I train at and something I actively tried to avoid developing into.

Great article I refer to: As a coach and chiropractor, I can’t stress enough to the athletes I’ve had the pleasure of working with how vital body tempering is. That doesn’t mean I get all the kids on a treatment program that’s 3 times a week for the rest of their lives. But I do make them aware that the type of work I do, whether it’s manual work or gym training, that it’s all apart of a process to make them better athletes.

Exercise to Consider Adding: The Meadow Row. I have been doing it as apart of my landmine series training days. There was a great article written by Tony Gentilcore. He’s a boss and someone I admire greatly for all that he has done professionally and personally. He’s a great follow on Instagram too.

Weekend Sendoff: June 2nd, 2017 Edition

Exercise I Mettle With: I have been doing Shin Box progressions with patients and athletes alike. I have been finding great for opening the hips for patients who have been suffering from tightness to feelings of pinching. Often times many of the patients are desk workers dealing with some sort of low back pain and one of the first places I go to is to check their hip mobility.

Something I’m Trying: I have finally decided to start journaling my running days. A way to try journaling them has been through Bullet Journaling instead of just writing them down on a calendar or just letting my running app track it for me. This is the notebook I’m using.

Clinical Improvements: Dr. Mike Reinold is someone I have been following since I first heard his name in chiropractic college. Between him and Eric Cressey, it’s hard not borrow from them to help you improve in all aspects of clinic. Dr. Reinold recently wrote a great article and it’s help me improve every day. That’s all I can do with the experience I have in practice. Improve every day.

Have an Outstanding Weekend!

Weekend Sendoff:  May 26th, 2017 Edition

What I’m using for Better Gut Health: Kombucha in the AM and Kimchi in the PM. It hass really helped me any sort of gastrointestinal distress. There have been studies and research articles linked to the potential of improved immunity, athletic performance, and mental health. Tim Ferriss has had many great guests who have talked about the benefits of the gut microbiome. I drink GT’s Kombucha daily, flavor of choice: Mystic Mango!

Continuing Education I’m Deep In: Two books I’ve been reading to get a better grasp on the running community I’ve had the pleasure of working with: Running Science and Anatomy for Runners. I’m also planning on going to USA Track and Field education seminars to get even better

Great Article I Read: Exercise Bars by Dean Somerset recently wrote a great article on the different speciality bars that would be great to have and that gyms should have. He’s someone I admire greatly for his work and I use a lot of his stuff to help me treat the patients I work with. For an aspiring facility owner – I’m considering purchasing one…or all.

I hope you enjoyed the list! Have a Great Memorial Day weekend.

Weekend Sendoff: May 19th, 2017 Edition

Great Article I Read: With the type of work that I do, you have to be creative with sometimes with the exercise prescription and the manual therapy work you do. Not everyone is going to be able to do everything you want, so you have to get creative. Fast Company recently wrote an article on 12 Lessons from the Most Creative People. Give it a read!

Exercise I Mettle With [Constantly]: The deadlift continues to get a lot of articles written about it. And for good reason. In my opinion, it’s one of the best overall exercises you can use. But different variations will help develop you and your athletes differently. This article is a great start to figuring out which you’d like to do.

Shoe I Train In [Part One]: My over 5K runs I’ve been using the Nike Vomero. It has a more stable ride and highly cushioned support system for my longer runs. They just recently dropped the Vomero 12!

Shoe I Train In [Part Two] My less than 5K runs for a faster and more responsive feel is the Nike Pegasus. Super Fast! Super Responsive! Super….Awesome! The 34 is coming in June

I hope you enjoy this list!

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