The Road to Boston: Week 4 Recap

Sunday (7.22)

I had every intention of running a “long run.” If it wasn’t for my piece of junk Apple Watch was able to hold up under the conditions of some humidity, sweat, and heat. But half way through my run it literally kicked. It stopped being able to track me and lost signal. So I ended up splitting my run into two 5-Mile runs. I got 10 miles in and felt good. The run had more hills than what I thought which didn’t help the second half my my run but I felt strong.

Mileage Counter: 10.85

Monday (7.23)

I think I’m over the AppleWatch after today. It cut out in my run and I was done. I got a mile into my run. I should have just run more, but since I’m in that stage of being overly neurotic about making sure my mileage is tracked I’ve come to learn the watch cannot handle rain, humidity, heat, or cold weather. I’m looking for a new running watch and I’ll be retiring the AppleWatch for running purposes.

Bodyweight Lifts:
Squats – 5 sets of 8 repetitions
Single Leg RDLs – 5 sets of 3 repetitions
Bridges – 5 sets of 8 repetitions

Mileage Counter: 12.03

Tuesday (7.24)

With a busy day of driving to different work sites and getting home really late, I eeked out a short two and half mile run to keep the streak…

Mileage Counter: 14.5

Wednesday (7.25)

Hump Day. A nice 7 mile run, which I’ve come to realize the 5-7 mile runs should be on the regular and getting “longer runs” in are just so important. I felt really strong on this run though. I was able to have an “impromptu” tempo run. I had negative splits and just felt good. Who knows if it’s going to translate into running a Boston Qualifier, but I still have six weeks until I’m racing.


Mileage Counter: 21.76

Thursday (7.26)


My Nike Pegasus 35 Turbo came in today! It was THAT exciting. I took them out for a test run and I’ll have my review on them, but I was impressed with them. While the standard (for me) is the Nike Vaporfly 4% I will say the Pegasus Turbo is a nice consolation prize.

They are…addictive to say the least and I’ve discussed with some friends, I just hope Nike doesn’t overkill something great, but they probably will.

Mileage Counter: 28.2

Friday (7.27)


Body Weight Routine:

Rocking Front Planks: 8 sets of 30 second holds
Single-Leg RDLs: 8 sets of 6 repetitions
Single-Leg Bridges: 8 sets of 6 repetitions
Single-Leg Step-Ups (Peterson): 8 sets of 6 repetitions.

Mileage Counter: 29.91

Saturday (7.28)

I really do enjoy the double day runs. While I know I need to be pushing the mileage on one run and the pace on the other, I just feel stronger running the second time around. It’s something I’ve mentioned before with the weight training and running on the same day.


A bit more mileage this week compared to the first four weeks. I’m still not running the mileage typical marathoners are running and experienced runners are running to prepare for a Boston Qualifier that’s just about six weeks out.

Mileage Counter: 39.3


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